Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black and white, soft radiation

  Modern Interior Design

Black and white

Modern black and white range may sound soft and unobtrusive, without losing their stylish without malice.
It proves the interior of the apartment, located on two levels on the highest floors of a residential building. The drawbacks are its low ceiling, torn by many columns space, but there are some advantages - abundant light and a magnificent view over the garden.
Modern Interior Design
Fortunately, the owners have ideas, feel and taste, and design team, helping them to create a modern, bright and spacious home. The first task is the functional allocation of zones in the lower level. It is complicated by the centrally located staircase to the upper level and multiple columns. You should find the location of the fireplace, to open large windows to the terrace, to define the area of television.
Couch and Sofa
         The only couch that can solve all the complex functional and | space requirements. Comfortable and elegant, it allows shifting of the modules and forming of different configurations. This recovers space under the stairs, opens to look at the gorgeous view of the terrace and garden and playground for the rest formed the fireplace.

Office Interior
Working area at home (office)
Area for work and meetings is located in a single area where complete isolation is not built for relaxed working atmosphere and relax. Dining room is located next to the work area, divided with impressive combination of square modules, built between two existing columns.

            Black and White  exquisite interior
The cuisine is elegant and clear, to fit in the living space. On the second floor there are spacious bedrooms. The entire interior ambience is minimalist in style, the main colors of furniture are designed in a modern range of black and white, designed in soft and warm on the floor radiation from natural clear of curtains and soft daylight. Additional accessories are paper vases, ceramic vases in black and white, with lovely paintings selected by the owner, complete this

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