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Luxury Nursery Rooms Design

Modern Nursery Design

Pink Nursery Room Design

Pink Nursery Room for Girls

Even before the birth of a child in the family we are building plans for the future, education and development and everything will start his life. Of course, childhood is a critical and crucial stage of life - then build perception, habits, character. Children learn from their environment. Therefore, the interior of the nursery is so important. According to the designers to educate children and educate baby of age.

Pink Teen Room Design for Girls
Nursery Room for Twins

If adults are guided by an aesthetic principle in the decoration of the child, but this was accompanied by the required functionality, the children would not appreciate it. Home for them is a free zone. Child's bed, each piece of furniture should be very functional and at the same time compact. There are plenty of attractive conceptual design solutions that are available. For example, you can buy a bed-shaped car, house or boat.

Modern Nursery Rooms for Girls

Recently, in children's rooms of the great popularity enjoyed the avant-garde composition. In her bed is located above the work area or room in a recess in the wall. Professional designers called the decision a "bridge". However, many architects believe this combination for quite cumbersome, and psychologists are categorical that the hanging beds over the desk or over the shelves of books are perceived negatively by the children of the subconscious level. If your child is petite, the bureau for incorporation under the bed is not a bad idea. But this is a temporary solution.

Teen Room Design

Blue Nursery Room Ideas for Boys

Nursery is the place where the child spends most of the time. The main task of parents is to create an atmosphere of comfort, security and safety. Psychologists show that the design of the nursery has direct influence on the development of personality and character of the child. So to children's furniture needs to be approached very carefully and seriously. Children are always happy. For us kids' world is a parallel reality, full of miracles, which goes back to our childhood, where the general things take shape and are perceived differently.

Luxury and Modern Nursery Design

First, decide on what material should be the floor of the nursery. The flooring must withstand jumping, running and intensive operation. The ideal solution is made of natural wood flooring- parquet or wooden floor, which is not cheap, but its less-expensive alternative is laminate. Another good choice is linoleum, but it must be natural. Since children between four and six years are very mobile, it is well to the floor is slippery - this can lead to slips and injuries.

Luxury and Modern Nursery Design

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