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Modern Design Comfort and coziness of small areas

Modern Design Comfort and coziness of small areas


Starting from the hall, which has created spectacular color combination.
Decorative elements used in it are linear over the accents in the living room, conceived as a major unifying element of housing. Living room with dining corner and kitchen are in a common area - a milestone in the reorganization. Tackling the purely functional requirements and also with the establishment of a sense of stylistic unity of all elemeti the interior was a major objective of the project.

Modern Design  Comfort and coziness badroom

Modern Design  Comfort and coziness badroom
Carefully selected colors of furniture and flooring are in harmony with pastel range of dark walls and curtains in the room. Compositional elements of the transfer between different functional groups are highlighted with a purely decorative elements used in the formation of suspended ceilings. An important part of the overall concept of the architect is designing the lighting, which effectively marked the functional groups, while it is in complete harmony with the main emphasis - colored mural occupying one wall.

style and kinds of contemporary bedroom design Style and Kinds of Contemporary Bedroom Designfurniture

Kitchen furniture was designed by arh.Dimitar Dimitrov. Reported a direct involvement of the angular composition of cabinets in the United area. It has style and color associated with the other furniture.
In the dining corner is a new element to the balcony window, reaching to the floor, providing more light in the living room. She is also a counterpoint to the closed kitchen cabinets with symmetric angle.

 The kitchen is designed with solid doors on the cabinets in dark pastel colors, good harmony with stainless steel equipment. Lighting between the upper and lower cabinets line is discrete and does not compete with that of slotted ceiling lighting. 

Modern Design Ethnic Comfort bedroom Style and Kinds of Contemporary Bedroom Designfurniture

Modern Design  Comfort badroom Ethnic
Switching to a group of two bedrooms and bathroom, which is the second time in a major reorganization. Both bedrooms are small in area, very comfortable and functional furniture. Color decision here is in harmony with other rooms in the apartment. Finally we are in the bathroom. Is impressive and artistic combination of trim and white alabaster by calibrated plates.
This interior is to be complemented and enriched with paintings, carpets and accessories.

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