Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Luxury bedroom LINEN

luxury bedroom LINEN - Surrounded By TENDERNESS AND BEAUTY

luxury bedroom LINEN

Perhaps you and you wanted at least to pamper yourself with a new set of luxury bed sheets. Impressive designs are reason enough to attract our attention, but more important is the quality bedlinen on matter.
luxury bedroom LINEN
luxury  bed sheets in black and white

Requirements for linen fabrics are mostly related to ease of ironing, softness and a nice touch, durability of the fabric when washing often, resistance to colors and patterns. Strength of the fabric is important that the method of weaving and twisting of individual threads. The more tightly the fibers are woven, the fabric is stronger and better long sheets respectively retain their good looks. The most commonly used for linen fabrics are cotton, polyester cotton mix, satin, sateen, silk, silk, cotton, linen, cotton, wool and cotton, Egyptian cotton.
luxury bedroom LINEN
luxury bedroom LINEN

Satin sheets look great, easy to maintain, but are too slippery to sleep and get away easily and recruiting. Silk sheets provide the best comfort for your body, look very beautiful and add in the situation.
Cotton is very suitable for bed linen, durable and breathable "material is the difficulty in ironing. Are very practical combination of polyester and cotton, as long as the percentage of artificial ingredient should not exceed 50%.
luxury bedroom LINEN

 luxury bedroom LINEN and modern design

Choosing linen is better to consider:
Buy the best you can afford.
Check the composition of takanta to make sure the fabric is suitable.
Buy at least two sets so ashte have to replace a bedroom will always look good.
Check the instructions for washing and maintenance, choose the easiest option.
Look for kits that are easy and beautiful can be combined with plain cotton sheets in a color gamut of he kit bearing designs. This will have several options, bringing diversity into the bedroom.

luxury bedroom LINEN
 Ten luxury bedroom LINEN

Ten bed linen with bold and surprising many original ideas in recent times. Combinations and bold colors, patterns "creeping" of pillows to sheets, silver, gold, flowers, exotic bedroom and changed his appearance beyond recognition, but it has mood. bed linen in a very well received, leading companies offer lucrative models, the more striking as they are more in demand. The idea of being different has never been true to a greater extent than today for the bedroom.

Elegant brown luxury bedroom LINEN

Bulgarians rather quickly replaced plain white sheets for far more exotic designs, but good taste is still required and the market can now find much better aesthetic fit for models that are far from being deprived of a dose of and extravagance. So boring facade panel along with colorful patches "of thermal insulation, is now diversifying from here and there, stretched attractive luxury beds.

luxury bedroom LINEN
Elegant gray luxury bedroom LINEN

Another trend in the bed linen is deviation to natural materials and colors from long time dominate trend in interior design. If you want your bedroom to be characterized by good taste, in line with recent trends, look right with rustits motifs, delicate flowers, pale, warm

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