Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homely atmosphere with modern design

Homely atmosphere with modern design

Luxury Modern Elegant Functional and Fashionable Entrance Hall

Luxury Modern Elegant Functional and Fashionable Entrance Hall

          The design is modest, elegant, functional and fashionable. The apartment has an interesting distribution. More than meets the entrance style charactars by bright colors and clean lines. Favoritnite colors are generally two: brown and ivory. The accents are designed in shades of red living in all areas and they underline the merits of the design without bothering.Entrance hall with wooden side panels that are in tons of good old panel and bring the comfort of the tree as a unique material for the house warm. Open space on the right side mirror and imported light.

modern luxury fireplace

Luxury and Modern Ideas for Fireplace

          The entrance hall is accessed in a large space, orbiting rectangles located in the center, which consistently separate the different areas for living. Right to enter in the approach to the living room, separate from the designer's chair for relaxation in a complex color that oscillates between the brick and coral, elegantly situated in front of the fireplace.

modern luxury living room

Luxury Modern Living Design

        In the area for recreation casually placed the original panels, designed by the hostess of the house. Next coach in the gray mouse, combined with low table.The hot of the fireplace could easily be shared by this corner of the living room. Finishing at the core of the daily natural flooring is a dark color.

Modern and Elegant Dining Room Design Ideas


Dining room with custom design a table and chairs, upholstered in leather, in a beautiful deep red, which brought a dose aristocracy. It still left the kitchen , it's TV area with lower living furniture in one corner, and high shelves - twins who surrounded on both sides of the TV. One side wall is asymmetrically developed in two color planes, such asymmetry is enhanced by the built-in lighting. Coffee table stands out against a background of bright solid color carpet.

Luxury Kitchen Design

The kitchen  is designed in golden and brown. Areas for cooking and sink are separated into interesting niche in brown. This is the color and the wide and convenient kitchen, which is at one end by an elongated mass.

Romantic Modern Bedroom Design

Romantic Modern Bedroom Design

The bedroom is one area which is shaped wardrobe and separate bathroom. The colors in it are white and red, and the ceiling, parallel to the bed, a canvas similar to what we have seen in the area with bench, but this time in a passionate red. It shines discreetly integrated lighting. Carpet is very dense, the steps in the sink and asked him to relax. Closet with multiple shelves, open front, for maximum comfort and convenience of the owners.

luxury contemporary modern bathroom bath

Luxury Modern Bathroom

        The bathroom has been developed in the colors of the bedroom - it is luxury without redundancy. On one side lies with Jacuzzi tub, shower room is elegant on the wall beside it are two sinks.

 White Nursery Room
  White Nursery Room

Nursery is color. Delicate white planes in white range, leaving the invisible sun, located above the door to stretch out the window. Infant bath in white and coral pink.

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