Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Luxury modern and elegant flooring design


Elegant Floor ideas

Elegant Floor ideas
What is important to know about flooring? In this section we will try to help you to choose.

We suggest you:
- The hall and kitchen to use granite because it is the most robust.
- The room to use parquet
- For the bedroom to use flooring or carpet in your choice
- For the nursery we suggest you use PVC because it is anti allergic and cleans easily.

 Luxury Laminate
Luxury Laminate
  • .Parquet:

- Laminate flooring - its biggest plus is that it can be placed immediately without wet processes.We recomend The bamboo  Laminate flooring.It's more elegant strong and luxury then the normal  Laminate flooring.

Luxury Parquet
- Parquet - natural wood is the right solution for those who seek comfort and luxury. There are two types of flooring: parquet raw - first shouting, then cycles and polishing, while modern flooring is polished and ready for direct sikle thin. If you start to compare them by price, you will notice that there is a very big difference, because crude is subject to further processing, which is also payable.

Luxury floor design
Luxury floor design
TIP: You can laminate and place it alone, but the orchestra we advise you to refer to another specialist in the purchase itself to ensure that you and installation. Specialists know what are the technical indicators, and pay attention to the humidity in the premises.

Luxury Granite
  •  Granite - has great density, which makes it extremely hard, not chopping or care. Another advantage is that even after the time it does not change color and is completely anti-bacterial floor because there is no water absorption, and in addition is non-flammable.

Luxury Carpet
Luxury Carpet
  •  Carpet - carpet transmit softness and comfort of the room. It is very suitable for bedrooms. Should above to select colors, combine it with the interior of the room.

Luxury PVC
  •  PVC - suitable for children's rooms. While children can play spilled or soiling, PVC flooring is easily cleaned and will save you time and headaches.

Luxury Marble
Luxury Marble
  • Marble -marble is suitable for public places and luxuy homes, hallway, luxurious bathroom and common areas are suitable for such flooring.Marble floor has all the ports of other floorings and is ideal for an elegant and luxurious home.

TIP: If after the laying of floor coverings, you accidentally left some material, do not throw away - leave it in the cellar because you may want for the future.

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